RIES have received a number of complaints in relation to the use of beacons and hazard warning lights. Basically operators are using leaving beacons on when moving along the road at a speed which does not constitute a risk to other traffic i.e slow moving. For example a tilt and slide witha vehicle on the bed and travelling at the legal speed for that vehicle and having flashing beacons on.

Lets be clear about this beacons should only be used when stationary or when slow moving and posing a danger to other traffic. To use them in any other way degrades the proper use meaning.

Secondly it seems to be more and more prevalent that vehicles being towed on a spec lift have hazard warning lights left on instead of attaching either a trailer board or magnetic lights being used. Operators who have a PAS standard or who are working for motoring groups know what is required when a lift and tow operation is used. One might ask the question, “if hazard warning lights are used how does a following motorist know which way the vehicle is turning when a junction is reached”

RIES would ask all operatives to visit this issue and ensure your company applies professional standards.