Where, during assessments  or in receipt of information or complaint and subsequent enquiry, the CertificateHolders are found not to be compliant with the requirements of their current Standard,

RIES Ltd will resort to the following actions :

In relation to the nature and extent of non-conformances or malpractice, Certification may be Suspended,  or withdrawn

ALL notifications will be made in writing and transmitted to the client by recorded mail delivery.


Descriptions :

Suspension :

Following Notification and for the duration of the Suspension, the client MUST NOT advertise or promote its adherance to the standard it holds.

Withdrawal :

The next step after Suspension where the Certification is withdrawn. All Certificates MUST be returned to RIES Ltd.

Cancellation : 

Following Withdrawal, the contract will be terminated in line with the provisions of the contract. ALL Certificates and LOGOs MUST no longer be used.


Examples of Circumstances

Suspension :

Certification will be suspended for a period not exceeding 3 calendar months from the decision date.

This would follow circumstances including :

Failure to resolve or implement suitable action in relation to non-conformances

Where a major or dangerous non-conformance is identified and not immediately addressed Failure to comply with audit or management review findings

Improper use of Logos in promotions.

Only one period of Suspension will be allowed during any Certification Period.


Removal of Suspension : 

Following further audit, and where the client is found now to be operating as required, the Managing Director and Quality Manager will authorise removal of the suspension.

Extensions to the 3 month period may be allowable in certain circumstances.


Withdrawal :

Withdrawal of Certification will only be implemented following Suspension.

Where a client under Suspension has been further audited and found still to be non-compliant with the Standard heldand there appears to be no appetite by

the client to carry out the necessary measures then a joint review of the clients overall performance will be held by the Managing Director and the Quality Manager.

A report on the findings will be attached to the clients file for future reference.

Depending on circumstances, it may be that an extension to the Suspension will be allowed.

Where an extension is not considered, a Withdrawal Letter will be sent to the clients senior executive by recorded delivery mail.

The client will be required to return all Certificates and Logos will be instructed to cease advertising compliance with that Certification.

The Quality Manager will report the circumstances of the Suspension and subsequent Withdrawal at the next meeting of the Impartiality Committee.

He will further ensure that the clients Certification is removed from the trade body publication and he will notify UKAS in writing of the procedures and decisions.


Cancellation of the Contract :

Where Withdrawal proceedings are taken, the Withdrawal Letter will also inform the clients senior executive that the Contract is being terminated.


Appeals : 

The client may appeal any decision .

Follow up enquiry will be conducted jointly by the Managing Director and the Quality Manager.

Decisions will be to continue with the Suspension and Withdrawal or to Re-instate.

Decisions will be communicated to the client by recorded delivery mail and the circumstances will be presented at the next meeting of the Impartiality Committee


Copies of ALL correspondence between parties relating to these procedures will be recorded and maintained with all other relevant Company Documents.