Complaints Procedure

Complaints Handling

Recovery Industry Engineering Standards

The company was formed by the Association of Vehicle Recovery Operators ( AVRO ) in 2002 to provide a range of services to their member companies operating in the vehicle recovery sector.                                                                                                

To the present day, this is RIES Ltd primary function.

Being committed to a single sector, RIES Ltd has built up unparalleled and enviable levels of professionalism and expertise throughout the vehicle recovery industry, providing the highest possible service levels and support.

RIES Ltd promotes fairness, understanding and confidentiality in a partnership with each of its clients.

RIES Ltd is a registered organisation with UKAS.

To satisfy compliance with these standards and to promote continuous improvement, RIES Ltd will always display high levels of competence, impartiality and confidentiality. Complaints are treated in an open, fair and transparent manner.

RIES Ltd remains the ONLY organisation which operates SOLELY in the vehicle recovery sector.

Complaints Handling

The RIES Ltd policy for quality of service is to ensure that we focus on the customer, meeting their needs and expectations. Should a customer be dissatisfied with any aspect of our performance the complaints procedure is as follows:

RIES Ltd Complaints Procedure is in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001

There are three stages to the complaints procedure:

Stage 1: Recording your Complaint

The recipient of your complaint which must be communicated in writing, will respond to you within 2 working days of receiving the initial complaint to acknowledge receipt and explain the complaint procedure that will be followed.  

The complaint will also be logged with our Quality Manager who will begin investigations.

Stage 2: Taking action to resolve your complaint

The Quality Manager will respond to you within 15 working days of the date of the original complaint with details of the resolution and action taken, including any recommended corrective or preventative action.

Stage 3: Appeal Procedure

Our complaints procedure forms part of our Quality System, and, complies with our commitment to customer service. Please convey your appeal in writing to RIES Managing Director or to UKAS. 

R. Conlan

Raymond Conlan
Quality Manager