Vehicle Recovery

Accredited ISO 9001 Quality Management System.

“A company or organisation with a certified quality management system consistently provides products and services that meet customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements, and aims to enhance customer satisfaction.”

Recovery Operators with compliance to this standard will provide services to its customers which are safe, secure and cost effective.

Customer requirements will be considered at all stages of the process and the company must deliver the service it promises.

Accredited Certification to ISO 9001 will display to customers:

To achieve conforming products or services, the accredited certification process is expected to provide confidence that the organisation has a quality management system that conforms to the applicable requirements of ISO 9001.

In particular, it is to be expected that the organisation:

  1. has established a quality management system that is suitable for its products and processes, and appropriate for its certification scope
  1. analyses and understands customer needs and expectations, as well as the relevant statutory and regulatory requirements related to its products
  1. ensures that products or services have been specified in order to meet customer and statutory/regulatory requirements
  1. has determined and is managing the processes needed to achieve the expected outcomes (conforming products and services and enhances customer satisfaction)
  1. has ensured the availability of resources necessary to support the operation and monitoring of these processes
  1. monitors and controls the defined product characteristics
  1. aims to prevent nonconformities, and has systematic improvement processes in place to:

8.1  Correct any nonconformities that do occur (including product nonconformities that are detected after delivery)

8.2  Analyse the cause of nonconformities and take corrective action to avoid their recurrence

8.3  Address customer complaints

  1. has implemented an effective internal audit and management review process
  1. is monitoring, measuring and continually improving the effectiveness of its quality management system

Accredited Certification to ISO 9001 cannot:

A :     Customers should be aware that ISO 9001 defines the requirements for an organization’s quality management system, not for its products or services.

Accredited certification to ISO 9001 should provide confidence in the organization’s ability to “consistently provide product that meets customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements”.

Certification does not guarantee that the organization will always achieve total conformity, though this will be displayed as an ultimate goal.

B :    ISO 9001 accredited certification is a Quality Management System only and does not imply that the organization is providing a superior product or service, or that the product or service itself is certified as meeting the requirements of an ISO (or any other) standard or specification.


RIES is a UKAS accredited organisation with the added advantage of being involved solely within the Vehicle Recovery Industry and not being influenced by other standards or requirements, some of which may impact adversely on the service provided to the client.