Demise of Recovery Companies

As we travel the country it is sole destroying to see the demise of a number of recovery operators.

Whilst the recent financial doldrums may be a contributory factor there is a n underlying reason.

The majority of the companies we see failing to stay afloat cannot compete with the “Shell Suit Bob’s” who are recovering for […]

Complaints Regarding Use of Beacons & Hazard Lights

RIES have received a number of complaints in relation to the use of beacons and hazard warning lights. Basically operators are using leaving beacons on when moving along the road at a speed which does not constitute a risk to other traffic i.e slow moving. For example a tilt and slide witha vehicle on the […]

PAS43: 2015

Re PAS43: 2015 This standard is now available from BSI at
I would advise all operators who either have PAS43 or are working towards this standard to purchase a copy as there are quite a few significant changes which will impact upon existing procedures