As we travel the country it is sole destroying to see the demise of a number of recovery operators.

Whilst the recent financial doldrums may be a contributory factor there is a n underlying reason.

The majority of the companies we see failing to stay afloat cannot compete with the “Shell Suit Bob’s” who are recovering for a fraction of the price.

It is very easy for these ‘rogue’ companies as, in many cases, they do not have any standards or indeed proper recovery training.  In addition the insurance cover they have may not be appropriate  for the operation they perform.

What is more worrying is that a number of motoring groups who are signatories to PAS43 standard and are members of the Survive Group, which initiated the standard, are prepared to use these non qualified companies over those who maintain standards.

The fact that such sub standard companies are being used raises issues for the motorist who has paid a membership levy but is being recovered by a company that may not be properly insured and has no formal training.  Surely there is liability here in relation to the motoring groups.